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Fall: Redemption and Restoration

Feb 15, 2024

In this episode of the Pact Podcast, we continue our series on the Christian worldview by discussing the concept of the fall. We explore what the fall means and how it is depicted in Scripture. We delve into the implications of the fall, including the introduction of sin into the world and the broken relationship between humanity and God. We also examine the far-reaching effects of sin, both on an individual level and in the broader context of the world. Additionally, we compare this Christian perspective on the fall with a secular view, highlighting the differences in understanding human nature and morality. Throughout the episode, we ask and answer several key questions, such as: What is the fall and what does it encompass? How does sin affect every aspect of our lives? How does the fall relate to the need for a Savior? How does the secular view differ from the Christian view of the fall? We hope that this episode deepens your understanding of the fall and its significance in the Christian worldview.